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Abe and the leaders are crazy

Abe and the leaders are crazy, I think so. If the boatman of this country gets crazy, where can we take him? I do not know what many politicians think.

Some people interviewed Japanese politicians at the time of the war just after World War II. Politicians do not know why the war came to them. It seems to have said that somehow became.
Politicians had only that consciousness.

Politicians of the times may be the same. I am worried about the future.
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The Prime Minister of Japan is crazy.

Consider the behavior of Prime Minister Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan. As a result, I think he is crazy.
He is trying to make Japan a country of militarism.
I think that there are many people who think so.
I strongly oppose militarism.
In addition, Prime Minister Abe is filling up procedures for making Japan a country of militarism lying.
In other words, Prime Minister Abe can lie with a serious face. It means that what you are thinking and the facial expressions and stories are completely separated, which means that he is crazy.
I think so.
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